The Time Machine

Touring Spring 2018

About the production:

Working with classic bunraku puppets and utilising a strong, physical sketch comedy style, The Scientific Romance Theatre Company’s take on the HG Wells classic sci-fi tale explores themes relating to evolutionary processes, wealth disparity and notions of utopia.

Created and performed by a multi-award winning team that includes Rick Conte (‘Dog’ from The Man who Planted Trees), Matt Rudkin (Naive Dance Masterclass) and Deborah Arnott (Diary of a Madman, Caucasian Chalk Circle) with dramaturgy from one of Scotland’s foremost puppeteers, Shona Reppe and acclaimed children’s theatre maker, Andy Manley.

…it looks cool! There were some funny bits in it and there were some serious bits. And it’s got good, like, perception.  Jamie, aged 13, Broughton High School, Edinburgh.

Created and Performed by Rick Conte & Matt Rudkin
Performer – Deborah Arnott
Lighting Design – Laura Hawkins
Sound Design – Barney Strachan
Education – Elspeth Murray
Hand-painted projections – Daisy Jordan